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Investment 180,000 mxp
Royalty from 65% to 80% depending of product
Return of investment period 9 months

According to legal dispositions , more than 5.8 millions taxpayers will have to migrate to the new electronic invoice scheme by 2013. Own a franchise that will provide you with the following:

Control & Visibility
Payment Automation
Purchase Automation
Product Catalogation
Electronic Quote
Requisition & authorization
Payment Publication
Inventory Publication
Foireing Trade
Catalog Publication
Electronic Negotiation
Commercial Documents
Payment Conciliation
Contract Management
Expense Analysis
Electronic Invoice
Inventory Control
KPI´s and Performance
  • Legal and technical capabilities
  • Use of already tested solutions
  • Help and support of an experienced team
  • Use of a popular and known brand
  • Possibility of starting in weeks
  • Possibility of offering a wide variety of solutions
  • Option of installing and providing technical support with own means or through Digital B2B
  • Includes the authorization to practice and know how
  • Guarantees profitability
  • Allows to start operations in just weeks
  • Initial investment of 180,000 mexican pesos
  • Up to 35% of profit margin
  • Includes databases of qualified customers referenced by transnationals
  • License to use and commercialize the solutions
  • Stamp services by a PAC
  • Technical support for the installation of the solution
  • Technical support and training for customers
  • Assistance with the issuance of legal documentation
  • Price list of products and services
  • Databases with information of potential customers
  • Use of Digital B2B brand
  • Technical support and assistance for the operation of the service
  • Assistance in the commercialization of the products
  • Operations manual