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This module requests attachment to the supplier in particular fields and shares them online with a customs agent and consolidator, sush as:

  • Packing list
  • Origin certificates
  • Invoices
  • ASN
  • Others
  1. The supplier attaches the documents and completes blank fields.
  2. The consolidator revises the information, approves, assigns the platform number and date of crossing and finally turns it in to a custom agent.
  3.  The custom agent revises, prints the information and assigns the petition number.
  4. Once the customs agent releases the documentation, it is reported in the system.
  5. Accounts payable has permanent access to the system’s information, which allows them to do payments and advances; therefore, fullfiling the agreements established by the suppliers.
  6. The buyer, the finance department and the warehouse have visibility of the whole process.