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We enhance your buying and selling efforts using the Internet: electronic data exchange, process automation, inventory control, electronic trading, international promotion, exportation support and industrial marketplace.

We integrate e-business networks and processes granting:

Control & Visibility
Payment Automation
Purchase Automation
Product Catalogation
Electronic Quote
Requisition & authorization
Payment Publication
Inventory Publication
Foireing Trade
Catalog Publication
Electronic Negotiation
Commercial Documents
Payment Conciliation
Contract Management
Expense Analysis
Electronic Invoice
Inventory Control
KPI´s and Performance

With 1,400 suppliers and more than 30,000 annual purchase orders. More than 90% of the purchasing orders are now confirmed ON TIME.

Integrated SAP with B2B. Their proyect covers the cycle from the purchase order issuance to the electronic invoice reception.

500 suppliers adopted the platform in less than 6 months. Visibility allowed the company to correct errors and measure suppliers' performance.

The work order process was automated. The supply and production period were shortened because their authorization flows are now electronic.

The purchase order process and the communication with suppliers was automated, which reduces the confirmation time and guaranteeing supply.

Suppliers were integrated to the electronic invoice scheme. Their accounts payable process was automared reducing time and errors.

Purchase Automation:

Exchange commercial documents with your suppliers through a web portal (purchase order, approval cycle, good receipt and shipping notice)

Accounts Payable

Automate your invoice reception (fiscal and commercial validation and payment notification)

Electronic Invoicing

Issuance and reception. Single payment or pay as you go alternatives. License or rent options.

Electronic Quotes

Access to a database with more tan 20 thousand qualified suppliers. Quote, compare, save.